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The Blended Wood Smoke process is an extension and adaptation of traditional cold smoking techniques. It is specially adapted to using locally available woods in tropical climates and low temperature smoking to make a variety of cold smoked products in temperature-controlled conditions.The only ingredients used are salt, sugar, and wood smoke.

The process begins by cutting fresh fish that are traditionally used for sashimi or cold smoking into loins or fillets. Sawdust from local hardwood or softwood is burned in a smoke generator and the smoke is filtered through wood charcoal. The smoke is filtered just enough to reduce the harsh flavors the wood may impart to food and leave only a mild pleasant flavor.

The filtered local wood smoke is then blended with wood smoke from imported hardwoods with a pleasant smoke aroma that are traditionally used for flavoring food, like hickory or cherry wood. This blended wood smoke (BWS) is then applied to the fish for the perfect combination of preservative and flavor qualities.


Natural wood smoke has been used for centuries in the preservation of meats and seafood. By using an advanced smoke system, Sea Delight takes this century-old process a step further. It blends smoke and the perfect combination of salt and sugar, with imported hickory and local wood to impart unique aromas and flavors. In addition to using this new process, our fish is "quick frozen," which allows the product to retain its color, flavor, aroma and texture until thawing.

Sea Delight is dedicated to providing the freshest and highest quality seafood products using this new blended wood smoke technique. Some of our products used in this process are:

  • Yellowfin Tuna
  • Swordfish

The Benefits of "blended wood smoke" are:

  • Product “maintains” natural characteristics after thawing.
  • Control shrink – Control True Cost
  • Items have strict specification control. For example, Center Cut Loin (no tail end), specific steak sizing per box and/or Custom Packaging Available.
  • Extends shelf life after thawing due to natural characteristics in wood smoke.
  • Homogeneous product Quality throughout the pipe-line, end user will return for repetitive business.
  • Constant product supply

Products are available in the following "SMOKED" Flavors:

  • Sashimi Smoked products are cured with just a blush of salt and sugar brine and finished in lightly flavored wood smoke. The flavor is light and fresh-like, it could be used in sushi, salads, carpaccio or simply grilled medium rare.
  • Classic Smoked products have traditional cold smoked flavor and aroma. The product is cured lovingly for 48 hours using only sea salt and a blend of flavorful wood smoke. Try it sliced thin with dark rye bread or piled high on a bagel and cream cheese.
  • Gourmet Smoked products cured with light salt and sugar brine and a moderate wood smoke flavor. A versatile product that can be used like cold smoked fish or grilled for a great wood flavor finish.
  • Laboratory Testing: Raw material is constantly tested for Histamine, Salmonella, E-Coli, among other, in order to ensure customer safety. These lab results are available for each container imported.

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